A  WRITERS CO-OPERATIVE! -the very idea would appear to be incredible considering that writers are extremely individualistic. yet that happend in Kerala sixty eight years ago and the result was SAHITHYA  PRAVARTHAKA CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY briefly  known as SPCS in the world of books.

The sahithya Pravarthaka Co-operative Society Limited, Kottayam, which was started in 1945 has by now published about 8,400 titles.
Another 5,400 titles have been taken for distribution by the Society. As the largest publishing house in Kerala it ranks among the largest publishing house in Kerala it ranks among the largest firms of publishers in India.

In 1945 twelve writers joined together in Kottayam and got the Sahithya Pravarthaka Co-operative Society registred with the main objectives of eliminating the difficulties experinenced by writers in getting their published books and above all, stabilising the writer as an earning, self confident member of Society. Their initial capital was only Rs. 120. They could not make much headway during the early years and in the course of the first four years they could publish only one book. But the indomitable spirit of the pioneers kept them going and by 1949 the SPCS was well on the road to success and has ever since been growing from strength to strength.
Over eighty percent of the known writers in Malayalam are members of the logo

The Society now occupies a very prominent place among the Co-operative institution in the country and is one of the twelve most efficient and successful Co-operative societies cited by the Government of India. The experiments conducted and experience gained in the course of its working have proved beyond doubt that writers are capable of finding solutions to their problems.  Above all the Society has developed itself as a mighty instrument in protecting the rights and promoting the interests of the Malayalam writers.

The year 1949 saw the begining of an era of a regular output publications by the SPCS Novels, plays, Poems, Essay-collection and other kinds of works written by members and non-members were published in quick succession. It can be said that more than 75% of the best works produced in Malayalam literature during the last 65 years were publications of the SPCS.
Apart from publishing books written by members the SPCS has contributed to the development of Malayalam literature by undertaking the publication of a large number of classics and translation from foreign and other Indian languages.

The SPCS was aware of the fact they could not make much headway unless they had an efficient machinery for sales Promotion.Consequently they organised a sales department NATIONAL BOOK STALL -popularly known as the NBS.

The SPCS can rightly claim that have laid a firm and solid foundation for the economic prosperity of Malayalam writers and for cultural renaissance in Kerala. Future historians will find that history of Malayalam literature is linked up with the history of the SPCS.
The govt. of Kerala enjoys the position of the major shareholder in the society.

Mr. Ezhachery Ramachandran, a distinguished poet in Malayalam is now leading  one team with his presidentship.